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Anti-Smoke Mask


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60 Minute Emergency Smoke Mask for Children and Adults Get Peace of Mind Now! Comes with Firegloves and a carrying case. Would it take more than 3 minutes for everyone in your home or office to leave your building in case of fire?

Do you believe a clear visor is critical to finding a safe route out of a burning building? 

Are you looking for a mask that has been tested? We invested over 85K $ for testing at a laboratory in California Introducing the Firemask Lifesaving Mask! Firemask will give you ONE HOUR of breathable air when you need it most critically.

  • Neoprene band adapts to small and large necks;  Polycarbonate visor ensures clear visibility;
  • Can be wall mounted in strategic locations;  Clear instructions on  plastic case;
  • Designed with care in Canada;  Conforms to ATSM Standard for Air-Purifying Respiratory Protective Smoke Escape Devices.
  • Brinks Armoured Services uses Firemask to ensure employee safety in case of fire.

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