Why does FIREMASK™ expire after five years?

The FIREMASK™ is guaranteed for a period of 5 years against all defects of fabrication. Upon purchase, you must complete the online registration form that we offer you. This warranty does not cover any mask that has been modified or altered by the buyer or any other person.

Does FIREMASK™ protect you against heavy smoke?

Imagine for a moment being caught on the 25th floor of a hotel and a fire breaks out on the 2nd floor… if you do not have a FIREMASK™ your chances of survival are very minimal. With FIREMASK™ you will have ONE HOUR to evacuate Using the emergency stairs in safety. Make sure to ask the hotel when you are booking if they have FIREMASK™ in their rooms

Why did you put FIREMASK™ on the market?

As parents, concerned citizens, and after discussions with members of the fire department, we determined there was a disparaging gap in fire evacuation procedures in many areas including industrial and commercial buildings, highrises, hotels, ships, and in densely populated areas such as schools, train stations, airports and many public and government buildings. With this in mind we came up with FIREMASK™, providing valuable minutes to reach safety. Our product is a much needed, practical and financially viable solution to an extremely outdated escape procedure, which can direct you to put a wet towel over your face and crawl along the floor and wait to be rescued.
FIREMASK™ IS THE SOLUTION. We are proud to offer it.

Why should we trust FIREMASK™?

At FIREMASK™, we take your security very seriously. This anti-smoke mask is made of very high quality materials in order to offer you the maximum protection. Its primary function is to protect you against intense smoke during an emergency exit. If you have to use FIREMASK™ in the event of a fire we will replace it for FREE.*

* You will have to fill our request form for a replacement of the mask. Once your demand is accepted we will gladly replace your mask for free