M. Rogers

I hope we never need these. However, we do live in an older high-rise that is only partially sprinklered. These give us a great piece of mind. These seem really solid, seem easy enough to use. i guess if we do use them, they don't work, and we don't die, I will revise this review.


I suggest you also buy the appropriate emergency ladder to go along with it.

A blanket, this mask, the ladder and a gallon of water in a tote make for a good closet escape kit. The mask filters the smoke, the wet blanket can either be worn or go under the door to help keep smoke or heat out and the ladder can bring them to safety without having to cross the house to escape from someone else's room.


This is one of those things you hope you never have to use. Compared with other mask/hoods on the market I think this one is the best. It claims a 1 hour run time where others are only rated for 15-30 minutes.Walking down many flights of stairs in a high-rise with many other people can take a lot longer than 15 minutes especially if, because you're wearing it, you try to help others make their way. I suppose you run the risk of having someone rip it off your head because they want to survive too. Maybe with the hour you get you can wait 'til everyone else clears out. For the price, everyone should have one.


I ordered four of these and opened one of them to see the quality of the mask. I was impressed with the quality of the product, and it appeared that it could be easily dawned in a hurried fashion (i.e.,:easy break- open seal , remove mask, remove rubber gasket over filter, place unit over head , tighten cord around neck).

I could see clearly through the window, , even when quickly turning my head in different directions. I didn't check the actual filtering of the unit, but so far, it looks like a pretty decent product.

Helene Tremblay

Having an amazing view is one of the great perks of living on the 22nd floor of a high rise building. However, the downside is that you also have 21 floors of residents below you if there was ever to be an emergency. Recently during a fire drill, I noticed that it took over 20 minutes for everyone to completely evacuate the building. People weren’t panicking since there was no smoke, but I just though how chaotic it could be if there was. When I saw a report on TV that said that it only takes about 3 minutes of smoke inhalation to be overcome by it, I put 2 & 2 together and decided to get prepared to protect my family in case of an emergency. I looked at different masks, some of them looked bulky and others were so overpriced. I decided on the Firemask since it had clear instructions, I could communicate with the company if I had any questions, and most importantly, it provides 60 minutes of breathable air. I bought 4, one for every member of my family. I feel so much safer now, and that’s why I give it 5 stars.

John C. Fire Chief

Web Developer

Got to try one in a Firehall test facility and just sat in the smoke filled in real smoke and fire for over an hour, actually 75 minutes and I couldn't see nothing but at that point it still worked but became too hot and unbareable for me, the heat!  So I exited the area as I just wanted to test it and do IT DOES WORK.  Now I've got to buy another one because I used mine.  Buy One More.